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Using Search Engine Optimisation techniques and Marketing, relevant and targeted to your business is the key to search engine acceptance.

Do you have a low performing website in a competitive market? Don't get talked into on-page basic SEO as a quick fix. The experienced more knowledgeable SEO consultant will always advise you its not that simple and takes time. It will be more effective to focus on authority building and create citation-worthy content.

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1986 - Chris ventures into the world of computing, building bespoke servers and desktop PC’s. His client base ranges from members of the general public to professionals and SME’s across East Anglia. 1988 – After months of intensive study, ten exams, Chris qualifies as a Microsoft Systems Engineer Plus Internet (MCSE + I).

1989 – Chris’s client base continues to grow and meanwhile a relatively unknown Tim Berners-Lee launches the World Wide Web. 1990’s Chris continues to work with a wide range of companies in the field of technologies in a digital capacity. PC World is founded, determining a significant shift in the market. Bespoke specification desktop PC’s are soon replaced with standard specification more affordable alternatives that can be purchased off the shelf.

1998 – Chris is commissioned as Project Lead systems administrator for a large global shipping company, managing all aspects including; globalisation of management systems, LAN WAN network, server and website architecture, global project team management, website design, planning.

2003 to date – The past decade has seen an explosion in social media and mobile technologies. New phenomena’s continue to captivate us, the ability to identify customers in real time on the move using Geotracking. Keeping ahead of the trends that shape the way we consume media and engage with our customers is a challenge for most of us. Whilst; Interaction, Engagement, Shares, Likes, Insights, SEO & SEM are relatively new buzz words for many companies, Chris is 5 years ahead of the game, now working in the private sector for an Independent Private School as the Network Manager, Chris administers the local internal network, website, blog and Social Media Platforms and is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to what works and what doesn’t.

Chris says “I believe we are all experts in our chosen field. Mine just happens to be digital. I am easy going & know my stuff. It’s rare not to be able to impact a business but if I can’t help someone, I simply tell them so. Straight talking, being able to explain things in simple terms and having an honest approach win’s business. There are too many people out their reporting to be experts, so my advice is ask for a sample report of their work before you employ their services”

Everyone needs to stay ahead of the game as Search Giants like Google release all manner of Furry, Fluffy and Feathered creatures like Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda updates to the Algorithms. This can result in you being de-ranked and removed from the Search Engine Results Page if you fail to comply with their guidelines.

Chris and his team are up to date with Digital Marketing, Analytics and Adwords Certified.

Just a call away. (07786) 262055 Chris Rudland SEO MCSE + I :: A little background Digital Diploma Adwords Exam Certification Logo Adwords Exam Certification Logo Analytics Exam Certification Logo