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Article 7. Making Google+ Business Page default instead of your personal profile Part 1

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This article is for those of you that have experienced the problem on Google+ My Business of posting as your personal profile, when you intended to post as your Business Profile. Now called My Business on Google+, I have heard and seen on forums and blogs many people frustrated at the inadequacy of the interface to warn them and even experienced it switching myself so I understand the issue. There are alternatives out there on the Internet and my solution is by no means the premier solution but it works very well for me, removes the problem and may suit those of you in particular who administer multiple client pages.

My approach is to create users in Chrome, not widely used and a little known option is to make different user profiles, then switch between them. The result is you always post with the correct profile. Sure you can click in the top right corner of your personal Google Profile Icon once logged in and switch to your Business Page, but as many of you will have experienced once you navigate around the screen and click on other open tabs before you know it, you are back to your personal profile. You may then inadvertently post using the wrong profile, so this is my 10 Step Guide which is foolproof as it fires up another instance of Chrome ensuring you never encounter this same problems again. If you find this guide useful please share, follow or Tweet it.

Step 6. Now go to the top right of Google Chrome interface and select Customise and control Google Chrome this drops down a menu, select the menu option  Settings. This will show the settings for Google Chrome, in the top left of the screen Settings, History and Extensions are shown, ensure you have Settings selected.

Step 7. Scroll down the settings screen until you see the Users area, now click Add new user as shown below.

Next Page :: Google+ My Business Account Article 7

Step 1. Firstly login to your personal profile and navigate to Pages in the left hand menu. This will show any pages you currently manage and have created under your personal profile. We want to go ahead and create a page username here to separate this page from the personal profile and remove posting mistakes. Click on the Manage this page button of the page you want to manage. This will show you the page we are going to create a page username for.

Google+ Page Username Google+ Page Username Confirm

Step 2. Having selected Manage this page on the page you wish to manage, a grey bar requesting page confirmation will show at the top of the screen to help identify the page you are managing. Click OK and navigate across to the left hand menu, select Settings.

Google+ Page Username password Google+ Page Username setup Google+ Page Username confirmed Google+ Page add Username Add new user in google chrome setup Add new user in google chrome icons

Step 8. Once you have clicked Add new user the screen below is displayed, the options available enable you to identify which user account  is logged in and the icon you select is shown at the top of the Google Chrome Screen beside the current tab, it also displays on the task bar at the bottom of the screen. If you are just adding your My Business Page account we just created, go ahead and add the user and give it an appropriate icon and descriptive name so you can easily identify it.

All accounts added here are controlled by your personal Google account and can be edited or deleted after creation.

Step 3. Now scroll down the screen to Third-party tools. This is where we have the option to create a page username. Google creates this username but gives you the ability to set the password. Click the button Set up password

Step 4. Go ahead and set the page password and confirm it, this is now linked to your personal account but a separate login. Click continue.

Step 5. The confirmation screen below will now be shown confirming the My Business Page account details. Note the communication and notifications will go to your personal account. In my guide you have the ability to switch from one account to another with one mouse click so no lost notifications.

Add new user in google chrome
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Author: Chris Rudland

Date: 26 June 2014