Privacy Policy

Security and privacy policy operated by Chris Rudland SEO.

Chris Rudland SEO Is the sole owner of the main trading site:


To which this policy applies and will be referred to as our site.

The security policy of our site applies to each and every trade, deal or enquiry made between you, the customer and Chris Rudland SEO The supplier. In any dealings with Chris Rudland SEO you automatically accept our terms which are subject to continuous review and update. Chris Rudland SEO has no obligation to notify any changes to its policy by any other means.

Chris Rudland SEO will not share any data obtained from its customers in course of trading with any third parties (save below). This statement does not remove your obligation to protect your personal details against misuse particularly when visiting sites or open bulletins. The above does not limit any legal obligation pertaining to Chris Rudland SEO to supply any information to any official bodies including the police and Her Majesty’s customs and excise, in the event of their requesting it to assist in their enquiries.

Chris Rudland SEO. Takes every precaution to safeguard your details but stresses that any information provided by you is done so at your own risk and Chris Rudland SEO. Accepts no liability for any disclosures beyond its reasonable control.

All employees of Chris Rudland SEO having access to the data stored on our site have been trained in the implications of the Data Protection Act.

Our site allows visitors to the site to connect directly to other relevant sites via the links provided. This is a convenience to users of our site however this security and privacy policy has no relevance to third party sites visited by means of any links provided.

Visitors to any linked sites satisfy themselves as to the security and privacy policies applicable to the sites visited. Chris Rudland SEO accepts no responsibility for the security of data supplied to third party sites whether by links from our site or any other.