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This article examines the importance of SEO country by country. The charts below show the activity of four keywords and phrases. Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media, Keyword and Adwords in today's search volume traffic based on Google Trends. I have chosen four phrases and words as the Search Term option, however you may choose Consumer Product, List, Website Category or even Profession. This option is what Google expects a user to have typed and displays the text below the word you have chosen ‘Search term’. The results reveal how trends differ around the world and indicate an ‘organic’ bias from the West and a surprising ‘paid for placement’ in the East.  The period is from mid 2004 – mid 2014.

Since inception online activity has grown significantly, particularly in recent years, with ever increasing accessibility worldwide.  Egypt, for example, has no recorded search data prior to 2007. Interestingly enough, there’s one common thread shared by all regions and that’s the popularity of Adwords. Search volume alone, is extremely high, particularly in Japan, UK and Russia. So who cares about SEO anymore? Well, trends indicate it depends where you are looking! For some countries it’s through the roof and others, it doesn't even register in their search volume.


Google Trends Analysis Article 1. Who cares about SEO anymore..

United Kingdom = England + Scotland

|Search Engine Optimisation | Social Media | Keyword | Adwords

United States = most states but not all indexed

|Search Engine Optimisation | Social Media | Keyword | Adwords

In the England and Scotland chart above, its very clear how popular Social Media (Red) is compared to Search Engine Optimisation (Blue) but clearly Adwords (Green) is a very frequent high volume search term. Surprisingly users tend to type Keyword (Yellow) before they type Search Engine Optimisation, therefore the this hardly registers on the chart.

India = most of South India

Japan = Tokyo region only off map

In the United States chart above, its clear to see how popular Social Media (Red) is as it reaches out way above the other search terms. Search Engine Optimisation (Blue) or Optimization didn't show much difference and the the trend from 2005 is clearly downward. Adwords (Green) is stable as is Keyword (Yellow) but is showing a more recent dip in use.

In the India chart above, Social Media (Red) is slowly on the rise compared to Search Engine Optimisation (Blue) which looks to be taking a noise dive since its original popularity in 2005. This is the time I remember receiving many emails from India offering to get me on Page One of Google for £50. Clearly that has slowed down now unlike my junk email. Adwords (Green) looks to have been steady for five years but has gone down recently along with Keyword (Yellow) which has declined somewhat.

n the Japan chart above, Social Media (Red) only began to register in 2009 and has not grown significantly. Compare that to Search Engine Optimisation (Blue) which is not likely to be a search term used in Japan. Again though Adwords (Green) is a term used and witnessed an increase and has remained high, only in the last two years has it begun to reduce but still retains a high search volume. Keyword (Yellow) has seen a gradual decline also.

|Search Engine Optimisation | Social Media | Keyword | Adwords

|Search Engine Optimisation | Social Media | Keyword | Adwords

Egypt = Listed as Cairo on the map

Russia = not enough volume search for map

|Search Engine Optimisation | Social Media | Keyword | Adwords

|Search Engine Optimisation | Social Media | Keyword | Adwords

In the Egypt chart above, which doesn’t record data until 2007, Social Media (Red) is clearly on the rise and captures the Arab Spring period during the uprisings where Social Media particularly Facebook were heavily used. Search Engine Optimisation (Blue) hardly registers, but again there is a language difference here. Clearly Adwords (Green) is popular and had remained steady until recently. Keyword (Yellow) was high in late 2007 but has recently taken a gentle decline.

In the Russia chart above, Social Media (Red) is surprisingly low for a Global phenomenon but when compared too keywords like Facebook and Twitter Russia has a very high search volume. Search Engine Optimisation (Blue) hardly registers but Adwords (Green) again has a very frequent high search volume. Keyword (Yellow) peaked like Egypt in 2007 but has also declined gradually.


In the final chart (left), I’ve added popular Brands in Social Media, so that we compare against the previous search terms and phrases. This shows us that brand names in social media now overwhelm the individual term Adwords. The findings demonstrate the strength of brands.

Previously Adwords was evident in my charts against the general interest terms I had used on a global reach; however we can see Facebook is now the King here and Adwords doesn’t even register off the line on the chart.

In conclusion Google is king and continues to command the lion share of the advertising market. In comparison to Yahoo Bing network, who register a small share of search volume.

So what does all this tell us?  Well it does show us that Search Engine Optimisation and Marketing has a high priority in some regions, low in others. Where SEO is low the preference for ‘Paid for placements’ is high.  Political unrest and other social-economic factors have a role to play too and the findings are not conclusive, moreover, they pose further questions such as; Is there a correlation between organic search and technical knowledge or is the language barrier a factor to consider?

There could  be many other factors, including companies re-focusing on core strategies after all the Panda updates. Link Building, Co-Citation, Uniqueness, Quality and Relevance, all of which will lead to a better user experience and promote unique high quality content that really engages the user.

Author: Chris Rudland MCSE

Date: 26 June 2014

Worldwide Search Volume for Social Media








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Author: Chris Rudland

Date: 26 June 2014