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Using Search Engine Optimisation techniques and Marketing, relevant and targeted to your business is the key to search engine acceptance.

Do you have a low performing website in a competitive market? Don't get talked into on-page basic SEO as a quick fix. The experienced more knowledgeable SEO consultant will always advise you its not that simple and takes time. It will be more effective to focus on authority building and create citation-worthy content.

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Yes it is possible and its an ethical method, so you have your product or company page live on Facebook and are now interacting with similar pages and friending people in your industry. Not all will be successful but gradually over time you will build up a good selection and your reputation will grow. Make sure you engage with your new network of friends by posting useful information about your campaigns, strategies, tips and guides. Run a competition which results in a ‘Give away’ product, people will want to follow you to have any chance of winning.

By now you start receiving friend requests from the niche market you are in and the REACH will grow from your posts. About now is a good time to send some of them an information link which directly links back to your website, product and services. Again not all of them will be interested but ultimately this leads to links on your website and you can do the same reciprocal link back to them.

Your REACH will grow much more now as most of your friends have a genuine interest in the niche area you are posting about. Keep up the engagement, unique interesting content creates the interest and Google will pick up your strong Social Traffic, make sure its going to your BLOG with authorship stamped on it.

If you are now posting to 500 Fans on Facebook who have 500 respectively each, you will quickly understand how your reach has grown to thousands of Facebook users. Hopefully by now you will also be benefiting from the link juice of your genuine and ethical new links which Google will enjoy, instead of forcing hundreds of irrelevant useless links from some online link building directory or farm which will get you down ranked or could even get you a Google Unnatural Links Manual Penalty.

Good luck with your Social engagement, keep posts Unique, informative and Interesting. If you find my posts interesting my brand new Facebook Page is here.

Author: Chris Rudland MCSE

Date: 26 June 2014


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Author: Chris Rudland

Date: 26 June 2014