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Using Search Engine Optimisation techniques and Marketing, relevant and targeted to your business is the key to search engine acceptance.

Do you have a low performing website in a competitive market? Don't get talked into on-page basic SEO as a quick fix. The experienced more knowledgeable SEO consultant will always advise you its not that simple and takes time. It will be more effective to focus on authority building and create citation-worthy content.

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This article examines the activity of four keywords in today's search volume traffic based on Google Trends. I have chosen four words which have very differing trends around the world but do indicate a surprising trend toward one of the words which is a little unexpected more..


Yes it is possible and its an ethical method, so you have your product or company page live on Facebook and are now interacting with similar pages and friending people in the industry. Not all will be successful but gradually over time you will build up a good selection more..


Having recently cleaned up a fairly large website for a client it never fails to surprise me how easily their structure and naming conventions can get out of control. Initially developed as a portal for selling a specialist product which then lead to further expansion more..

SEO Tips Guides and Articles

All content here copyright Chris Rudland but please feel free to link to this section if you find my content useful. I aim to keep this section updated but get extremely busy during certain months of the year, more so recently as many of the new SEO experts that have popped up in every advertising and PR agency in the world seem to have fallen by the wayside. There is no quick fix for Optimisation whether it is a single task, involving on page Search Engine Optimisation or the whole website and all connected accounts using Social Media profiles.

The research aspect of any project for a client takes me more time than doing the agreed work. Finding what they have got working, what’s not working and what will work best for them in the future is a strict process, takes discipline and I believe you need a flare for this work. Determination and an Investigative mind also help along with a big bunch of expensive software which affords me the analysis and results I need to measure the SEO indicators accurately.

Offering thousands of visitors and page one ranking for client's keywords and phrases overnight is far from my vocabulary, and I implicitly advise caution when managing their expectations. If their website is of a good design, with no significant errors and has good navigation transparency, no unnatural links then the content quality can be improved to help promote it and engage with its users. Other enhancements are naming conventions of files and pages, Meta Tags, density and use of targeted phrases and keywords. Indeed experience has shown that refreshing old content and managing inbound links usually provides good results.

Social Media profiles linked too from websites is another aspect that can improve indicators, simple changes like changing to vanity URL’s has proved beneficial to many of my clients. Google+ My Business, Maps, Bing Places, Facebook Pages, Twitter and LinkedIn all provide social media signals to the Search Engines.

PPC advertising is also an option if you are promoting a new website and wish to drive traffic to a good landing page for a one-off promotion to get it all started. You can spend vast amounts of money here so optimising your campaign is the key to its success, driving users to the Correct Page, Ad Relevance & Quality score, tracking the conversions is all part of the process. The use of Social extensions, link your Google+ My Business Page to your AdWords campaigns, other Ad extensions will increase your conversions and ROI. When designing your ads, think of the buyer's intent, target relevant words that have proven high traffic expectancy. Examples are Coupon, Deal, Sale, Special Offer all produce better results.

Author: Chris Rudland   Date: 26 July 2014

Welcome to my SEO Tips Guides and Articles Section


Want to get on Google+ My Business? This Article describes the process and guides you through the stages step by step to set-up your page. Includes Business Type, Local Search, Verification and more. Follow this easy guide for a seamless 10 minute process..


Ever posted on Google+ My Business as your Personal profile? This Article will show you how to fix a Google Profile in Chrome to make it your Default posting Profile. It also describes switchable account Profiles by creating users in Google Chrome Browser..


This Article describes the benefits of Google Local. The difference it can make to your visibility on the Internet and the impact it has on boosting your Rankings. It describes the importance of your Name Address and Phone Number (NAT) and how to configure your Business..


If you have thought about getting your Business listed on one of the UK Directory Listings this Article has a map to enable you to quickly locate, click a map marker and register your Business. By clicking and visiting the website of the Directory Server you can then add your Listing..


Yes it is possible to Rank First on Page one of Google Results page and this Article describes the a process using a Real Website, Real Keywords to show how quickly you could Rank higher. Follow my guidelines to out perform your competitors and improve your Rankings..


This Article contains a quick checklist for common errors. It describes Client errors, Server errors, Meta Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and much more. Within each item on the checklist there is a Result and Remedy to quickly help you fix, learn and resolve common errors..

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