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Using Search Engine Optimisation techniques and Marketing, relevant and targeted to your business is the key to search engine acceptance.

Do you have a low performing website in a competitive market? Don't get talked into on-page basic SEO as a quick fix. The experienced more knowledgeable SEO consultant will always advise you its not that simple and takes time. It will be more effective to focus on authority building and create citation-worthy content.

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If your FREE SEO Website Audit highlights errors and other areas for improvement, we can  provide a tailored solution to meet any budget. There is a simple three stage process not governed by the size of your business, but designed to fix the most important issues highlighted in the report. 1. Usually we will fix technical issues as any SEO work could be undermined by serious structural defects. 2. Work can now be done on keyword research for your website and SEO page elements can be optimised, including but not limited too Titles, Description, Anchor Text, Links. This underpins all projects we manage and once complete we can move on to Search Engine Marketing.

3. SEM using Pay Per Click PPC, advertising is one aspect we use when organising your SEM, choices including Google Adwords, Bing Yahoo Ads and all Social Media. A Broad range of platforms exist to help you target a specific demographic even using a specific device. These adverts can take the form of text, text mixed with images and animation, the later are designed for the display and partner network.

“Loads of Blue sky thinking Going on”.

No one can ignore the importance of being found on the Internet, Digital technology is shaping our day to day lives and with nearly 6 billion searches conducted each day on Google alone, it’s changing the way we consume, research, learn, browse, shop, interact, socialise and share.

Over the years, what we are searching for hasn’t changed, but how we search has. Search engines have replaced hard copy dictionaries and directories, which is why more and more companies are employing the services of digital specialist’s and freelancers. Our mission is to take action to help small and medium size business’s compete & appear in relevant results on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

We work within the guidelines set by the Search Engine providers. We invest in licences that afford us real time access to the Search Engine algorithms. Interpreted by software this ensures that the work we do for our clients is measured in real time.

Our knowledge and expertise enables us to interrogate, analyse, score and make changes to your Website Pages, structure and content. We identify important modification in your content and highlight keywords and phrases to help promote your website.

We are also able to fix most technical issues which are unavoidable over time, especially if older pages from your content have been removed. These include 404 errors (pages not found), duplicate content, crawl errors, HTML and indexing modifications to help improve your overall Page Rankings.

SEO in action.

SEO At the very least your Website needs to comply with the guidelines set out by the Search Engine providers. Irrelevant link information and unnatural links to link farms can see your website penalised by the Unnatural Links Manual Penalty. Make sure your content is Relevant, good Quality and links are natural.



SEM Search Engine Marketing promotes your website and increases its visibility in a Digital Mixed Media approach. Targeting Bing, Google Yahoo Search Engine Results Page, Social Media Campaigns and PPC. Invite a larger audience to view your products and services and watch your visitor traffic increase.



PPC Pay Per Click advertising on the Search Engine Results Page, Display Network and Social Media. We will Make sure your Ad Relevance & Ad Quality scores are at least Average or above and help optimise your landing page experience so it returns results for your given keyword or phrase.



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