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Getting listed locally for a small business is essential, especially if you intend to operate locally and attract those customers. With the recent major Google Update to algorithms dubbed Pigeon some of the anomalies that prevented local companies appearing in local searches have changed. Now relevant local searches for companies do appear and once overshadowed smaller Hotels, B&B’s and local retail outlets stand a chance in the search Results Page.

Users will find you, a local business if you ensure you have your Google+ My Business account set up correctly. If you are running Adwords Campaigns linked to your My Business, you can also import locations, follow the Google Adwords Blog for more info.

My Step by Step guide is provided to assist you in getting your Google+ My Business listed in the local searches; I have used a demo account for screen shots and my own Chris Rudland SEO verified Google+ My Business account within the article to demonstrate a verified account.

I have also attached some evidence of improvements that can be made to your listing along with visibility and progress report screen shots in the Article 10. Get Listed Locally and see the difference it makes to your visibility and Rankings. The screen shots are provided as a means of demonstrating how I configured Google+ My Business to work for me. Follow my guide to get started on Google+ and My Business and engage with customers using photos, tours, posts events and more.


Google+ My Business Article 4. Getting on Google+ My Business - Step By Step Guide

#topBack to ArticlesGoogle+ My Business Step by Step Guide

Step One. Login to Google with the account you normally use and want to associate with your My Business Page. You can have multiple Business Pages associated with your login account but I will only use the same account more than once if the Business owner has multiple address locations they wish to link or import into this account. If you don’t have a Google account yet, create one here

Google+ My Business Local Search

Step 2. Once logged in, use the left menu under Google+ logo to find and select the menu item named (Local) in this case Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. This is an example of what you will see in your local area, assuming you have your Google Search Locations settings set-up correctly. Recommended places near your location Pubs, Bed and Breakfast, Takeaways, your places and you can write reviews on places you have visited. Does your company appear in this list?

Step 3. Use the left menu under Google+ logo to find and select the menu item named (Pages). If you have no Pages associated with this Google account you will see this splash screen, prompting you to get on Google for free, so go ahead and click the blue button “Get your page." If you do have an existing page, you will see a link offering you the opportunity to “Manage this page."

Google+ My Business Local Search - Get on Google

Step 4. Now you are presented with the “Choose business type” screen, this clearly indicates the categories available so again go ahead and select your choice from either Shop front, Service Area or Brand. If you make a mistake at this stage, don’t worry as you can roll back a step.

Google+ My Business Local Search - Choose business type Google+ My Business Find your business in Local Search

Step 5. At this stage if your have chosen “Brand” you will be presented with the screen below, if you are authorised to create this “Brand” page then go ahead and agree to the Pages Terms. You would expect global known Brands to use this choice, see Coca-Cola Google Business Page.

Google+ My Business Local Search - Create your brand page

Step 6. Those of you that have chosen “Shop front” or “Service Area” will be presented with the screen below. Type your business name into the Search my business name and address box, click the blue search button with a magnifier glass symbol on it. This helps identify if the business name already exists.

Google+ My Business Local Search listing

Step 7. Here I typed the name of the demo account with the Business Name listed in Ipswich, Suffolk, UK. Google has found the company in Ipswich, marked with the places icon as ‘A’. The postcode is in Suffolk and listed as IP2 and full address. If you are setting up a new company, then select the option at the bottom of the address list “None of these matches” and click the blue writing “Add your business.” In this case my demo account belongs to me and has been found.

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Author: Chris Rudland

Date: 12 August 2014